Understanding Yoga

When someone says “yoga” it is common for people to think of extremely difficult poses or chanting. You may also think “there’s no way I can do yoga!” But don’t worry – yoga isn’t just crazy poses that you hold for hours on end. Yoga is essentially a unification of your body, mind, and spirit. It is designed for calming your mind, exercising your body, and getting in touch with your spiritual center. As with almost anything, you master yoga by doing a little bit at a time.

It is important to note that yoga cannot and should not be used as the only treatment for addiction recovery. You will still need to go through detox and other necessary medical treatments recommended by your recovery specialist.


Yoga Can and WILL Benefit Your Recovery

You may feel doubtful of the benefits that yoga can offer to your recovery. It may seem weird that stretching and breathing can help you beat addiction, but it’s true! Yoga is an amazing coping tool. Here are some of the benefits yoga will offer to your recovery:

  • Physical Benefits: You will feel stronger and more flexible after each exercise. Any aches and pains you may feel from withdrawal will decrease as times goes on and you stretch through them. Yoga also helps with stress-reduction. The calm-breathing exercises, gentle movements, and meditative benefits can help calm your nerves, reduce cravings, and help treat psychological distress or trauma you may feel.
  • Improved Circulation: Better blood circulation not only lowers your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease, it also increases oxygen flow to your brain, improves your mood, and helps you think more clearly.
  • Emotional Benefits: Yoga gives you a greater peace of mind and gives you one more healthier coping mechanism. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol, you turn to yoga exercises.
  • Increased Self-Discipline: Learning to say “no” to an addiction is challenging. However, the challenge of committing to yoga can give you the discipline you need to stick to your new sober lifestyle.
  • Inner Peace: The spiritual benefit of yoga extends beyond the bounds of all religions and can be used to enhance inner peace. Like the 12-step program, it asks that you believe in a higher power, but never dictates the exact power.


Holland Pathways

Here at Holland Pathways, we believe yoga is an important part of recovery. We offer yoga every morning because we believe in strengthening the mind, body, and spirit.